Just Beyond…

I felt inconsequential among the towering pines. What little one man can contribute. But what curiosity we seek. To know more with each step. Let the dominoes fall. And the snow. Each flake glistened with that effortless something that cannot be explained. That glimmer is that something that lies just beyond our species' comprehension. Its... Continue Reading →

Just Like Winters of Yore…

I have always wondered what it would be like to become older, to have made numerous trips around the sun. To gain wisdom, experience and live a full life. Incrementally, the wonders of my youth are becoming realized. For example, I have often wondered if I would be one of those individuals who would say "back... Continue Reading →

Season’s Greetings

Other than politics, the one topic that can-- guaranteed-- stir the emotions of many, is the weather. This is, of course, true of many in Northern Michigan. Especially winter and its cold weather. Just the brief mention of the word snow is enough to send someone into a theatrical fear. "Don't say the 'S' word!" Ya know...the... Continue Reading →

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