Just Beyond…

I felt inconsequential among the towering pines. What little one man can contribute. But what curiosity we seek. To know more with each step. Let the dominoes fall. And the snow. Each flake glistened with that effortless something that cannot be explained. That glimmer is that something that lies just beyond our species' comprehension. Its... Continue Reading →

User Report: Kodak Z-1015

Just Another Black Camera... The subject in front of me was just what I was seeking, signs of Spring. Much like a brush, the buds of a wetland Willow were gently swaying in the breeze. The yellow pollen tips had attracted some sort of flying insect, but no Honey Bees: the temperature had not yet... Continue Reading →

Amidst it All

Catching Up Greetings! I sincerely hope that whomever is reading this blog post is well. It has been around a full year since my last post. Sometimes the days just fly by. Not unlike everyone else in the United States--and abroad--I have been been experiencing a quite different lifestyle than this time last year. Last... Continue Reading →

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