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Just Beyond…

I felt inconsequential among the towering pines. What little one man can contribute. But what curiosity we seek. To know more with each step. Let the dominoes fall. And the snow. Each flake glistened with that effortless something that cannot be explained. That glimmer is that something that lies just beyond our species' comprehension. Its... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration

The Kodak Z-990 MAX, while a great camera, does not inspire me the way other cameras have. This is why I spend a significant period of time with each camera before I make a decision. The decision: is the camera able to provide the results I expect? Is it capable of performing the task at... Continue Reading →

User Report: Kodak Z-990 MAX

There is no such thing as a bad camera. How Far Have We Come... I am uncertain of the interest my blog followers have in the state of the digital camera industry as it stands in 2021. It is no secret that Kodak has been through quite bit the last few years (won't get into... Continue Reading →


Brown Bridge Quiet Area is constantly in a state of transition. As the days pass, those places I hold dear continue to grow and mature. The Quaking Aspens have grown with such resolve, and the Leopord Frogs have too. The grasses below shift, drawing my eye to their presence. The sun is playing a game of... Continue Reading →

The Black Eyed Susan

The Black Eyed Susan is a spectacularly beautiful flower. Add hundreds of these cone flowers to a landscape, and prepare for a vision that will forever be etched into your memory. In my life, I cannot count how many times I have truly been taken with a landscape laid out in front of me. What... Continue Reading →

Mitchell Creek Nature Preserve

There exists a certain charm to exploring areas that have been infrequently traveled. It makes me light on my feet. I feel invincible and vulnerable all at once. The paths are few, but the rewards are many. This the accumulative charm that can be found at the Mitchell Creek Nature Preserve. I will be honest, I... Continue Reading →

Chippy: What You may not Know…

Those cute little cheeks stuffed with nuts...who can resist the cuteness? I certainly cannot. If I had it my way, Chipmunks would replace Hamsters and Guinea Pigs as the rodents of choice for those that like furry little companions to grace their homes. Who knows...perhaps one day. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy them... Continue Reading →

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