Project Monochrome

Back When A couple of years back, I received a Panasonic FX-07 in an auction I won. The camera came with two others, including an Olympus SP-500 and a Kodak Z-1015. I had no intentions of using the camera--I was only interested in the other two cameras. I ended up giving it to my daughter... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration

The Kodak Z-990 MAX, while a great camera, does not inspire me the way other cameras have. This is why I spend a significant period of time with each camera before I make a decision. The decision: is the camera able to provide the results I expect? Is it capable of performing the task at... Continue Reading →

User Report: Kodak Z-990 MAX

There is no such thing as a bad camera. How Far Have We Come... I am uncertain of the interest my blog followers have in the state of the digital camera industry as it stands in 2021. It is no secret that Kodak has been through quite bit the last few years (won't get into... Continue Reading →

User Report: Kodak Z-1015

Just Another Black Camera... The subject in front of me was just what I was seeking, signs of Spring. Much like a brush, the buds of a wetland Willow were gently swaying in the breeze. The yellow pollen tips had attracted some sort of flying insect, but no Honey Bees: the temperature had not yet... Continue Reading →

Olympus Infinity Tele: Part 2

If it does not bring you joy, why keep it? A great question. I am always struggling to keep my camera collection to a minimum. Every so often, I find a camera that I find too hard to resist, and purchase it right away. I read the reviews, clean it up, and with nervous anticipation, load... Continue Reading →

User Report: Ricoh TF-500

The Ricoh TF-500 (T-900 in other markets) is a product of the times. And yes, this is a good thing. You see, from my experience, mid-range cameras from the 1980's (for the most part) were all solid units. By this point in the game, auto-focus and other automated systems had found their footing within the camera market. They... Continue Reading →

In Defense of the Bridge Camera

In an age when smart phones have become the camera of choice, bridge cameras have largely been put aside and forgotten. And why not? The phone camera is simple to operate, pocket-able, and captures moments that can quickly be shared to social media. Plus. phone cameras have come a long way-- I am always impressed with... Continue Reading →

User Report: Vivitar 250-SL

A Difference of Opinion "It was crap then, and it is crap now", states an article found elsewhere on the internet. I strongly disagree. I have had only positive, memorable experiences with my Vivitar 250-SL (and similarly made 220-SL). In fact, I often choose to bring along this camera over my Nikorrmat 35 mm SLR... Continue Reading →

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