Cameras and Gear

I am a sucker for a great camera and useful gear. To see what I am using, check here!


  1. Sigma 28-70mm f 3.5-4.5
  2. Nikkor 18-105mm f 3.5-5.6


  1. Panasonic FX-07: Project Monochrome: Fire
  2. Panasonic FX-07: Project Monochrome
  3. Panasonic FZ-20: Finding Inspiration
  4. Kodak Z-990 MAX: User Report: Kodak Z-990 MAX
  5. FujiFilm HS50 EXR
  6. FujiFilm S-9000
  7. Nikon D-5000
  8. Nikon D-7100
  9. Nikkormat FT-N
  10. Poly Optics 35 FLASH
  11. Vivitar 250-SL: User Report: Vivitar 250-SL
  12. Ricoh FF-90 Super
  13. Ricoh TF-500: User Report: Ricoh TF-500
  14. Kodak P-880: In Defense of the Bridge Camera
  15. Olympus Infinity Tele: The Olympus Infinity Tele: Another Chance at Love
  16. Olympus Infinity Tele: Olympus Infinity Tele: Part 2
  17. Kodak Z-1015 is: User Report: Kodak Z-1015

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