Primavera--or Spring-- always brings with it a romantic uncertainty. This is what makes the season so magical. Primavera is a time many rejoice and look forward to sun-soaked days. Spring is a time of renewal. A time of creation, awakening and optimism. The season is a great time to walk around outside, and take in... Continue Reading →

Beavers and Climate

In an age when climate change is on the minds of those around the globe, the culprit is often attributed to a combination of factors. Though by and large, its our anthropogenic influence. Less mentioned though--are beavers. Engineers Well--they have been busy--all clever puns aside. Populations have rebounded, and they have been doing what they... Continue Reading →

Project Monochrome

Back When A couple of years back, I received a Panasonic FX-07 in an auction I won. The camera came with two others, including an Olympus SP-500 and a Kodak Z-1015. I had no intentions of using the camera--I was only interested in the other two cameras. I ended up giving it to my daughter... Continue Reading →

Miller Creek Natural Area

Yesterday I took a most pleasant hike around the Miller Creek Nature Preserve, located in the heart of Traverse City. As always, I was beyond thankful that such places exist in abundance in Northern Michigan. Head downstate, and preserves become sparse. Population density certainly becomes relevant. Preserves and natural areas are priceless resources. The best... Continue Reading →

Evergreens at Reffitt

White Pines line the dirt road leading to the trailhead. Some are just saplings vying for some light, while others tower over the landscape with a wisdom that sings in the breeze. Reffitt is rich with these beautiful state trees. Everyone Benefits As I have noted in earlier posts, the importance of preserves and natural... Continue Reading →

Just Beyond…

I felt inconsequential among the towering pines. What little one man can contribute. But what curiosity we seek. To know more with each step. Let the dominoes fall. And the snow. Each flake glistened with that effortless something that cannot be explained. That glimmer is that something that lies just beyond our species' comprehension. Its... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration

The Kodak Z-990 MAX, while a great camera, does not inspire me the way other cameras have. This is why I spend a significant period of time with each camera before I make a decision. The decision: is the camera able to provide the results I expect? Is it capable of performing the task at... Continue Reading →

User Report: Kodak Z-990 MAX

There is no such thing as a bad camera. How Far Have We Come... I am uncertain of the interest my blog followers have in the state of the digital camera industry as it stands in 2021. It is no secret that Kodak has been through quite bit the last few years (won't get into... Continue Reading →

To Ward off Demons

Blues have new hues: notes upon music scales. Leaves tremble as the mercury travels lower in its glass enclosure. Oranges, yellows, golds and reds have been blended on the pallete...brown is now king. Watching the trees among the hill sway in their winter state is mesmerizing. Silhouettes of Maple, Oak and other hardwoods dance along... Continue Reading →

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