What would insects do without plants and the flowers they offer up? And what of plants? Its a remarkable arrangement. Its brilliant. The world over, insects and plants live within a system (arrangement) that is both quite simple, and all at once, quite complex. In the end though, it comes down to survival.


And to say its magnificent is an understatement.

Below are three such arrangements betwixt flora and fauna.

Bumble Bee on Maiden’s Tear (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)
Japanese Beetle on Queen Anne’s Lace (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)
Banded Longhorn Beetle amid Milkweed (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

What really intrigues me is how such an arrangement can be vastly different between species. Each has six legs, wings, eyes and mandibles, but each does their own thing–to their own ends. Colors span from yellows, browns and greens, contrasted against black ad white accents. Markings also vary.

And just to think this is a microcosm…the globes sheer population of life is diversity in the flesh. Life thrives in such conditions.

We all need it.

-Adam K.

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