Its inevitable, life goes on around us. While we toil away the days, leaves continue to photosynthesize, grasses sway, birds progenerate and the sky brings clouds, rain and sunshine.

Fair weather clouds float by as the grasses below mingle with flowers. (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

At some point along the way, our mind, body and spirit intersect. Those days we toil away begin to add up. Bodies wear and tear, the mind becomes vexed, and the spirit exhibits a herculean effort to keep the mind and body trudging along in some sort of balance.

Despite this, there is much wonder and beauty to experience–to absorb and reflect upon.

American Redstart

Pelizzari Natural Area the setting…along the other section of the preserve, a group of friends share stories, chuckling warmly along the way. The air is still, and slightly humid.

Note the orientation of the wings and tail whilst perched. (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

Nestled deep within the nook of young Beach Tree, a Family of Redstarts build upon their lineage. Generations coexisting to exist. The father flits about snatching up insects to feed the young. Experts suggest that the father will attend to multiple nests and young. The mothers stalwarts as always.

Wonderful and beautiful.

Observation reveals the nests are sturdy, compact and functional. Feathers, moss and sticks are the materials of choice to welcome each generation. If only humankind was so resourceful (we were at one point).

Mother incubates the eggs, her head and tale peeking up from the rim of the nest. Hiding in plain sight? No–just the most perfect method for the species to–well–do their thing. Everyone, and everything, works the best when able to function under its instinctual path.

Incubation–shaded by a leafy canopy. (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

Life goes on around us–

-Adam K.

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