Outside the commotion and bustle that is July in Traverse City, the world goes on. Free from politics, pandemic, famine, petty drama–the natural world exists in its eternal dance.

A quick drive from my home, Reffitt Nature Preserve beckons each season. Some preserves seem to have a type of beauty that exists in all four seasons. Reffitt included.

After a quick stretch, I head out to the trailhead, and into a realm of mixed hardwoods. The sun’s rays warm the evergreens, releasing that aroma of sap and Earth that should definitely be made into a WoodWick candle. I would buy all of them. The forest floor is carpeted with blueberry bushes–the perfect compliment to the slightly acidic soil. Most times, I seem to miss the window of time when the berries ripen on the stems. Not this year.

Brilliant yellow petals also enjoy this soil. The berries are in good company.

St. Johns Wort Flowers (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

Which leads me to think that what occurs to each of each day is both destiny and a bit of indirect consequence. What each of us does each day may seem far removed from others, but in fact, nothing can exist without the totality of everything else–and what everything else does. Those blueberries were destined to experience a moment in time together.

Up the trail, a dog owner yells–in an attempt to wrangle their pup. Dogs need to be leashed in preserves…

Once the dog was obtained and leashed, they continued towards my direction. Their action caused me to react, thus making me choose what direction my life took next. It took me towards a fallen tree that caught my eye. And what happened next was that my meeting the toad was indirectly caused by the man and his pup.

The Penny Toad is often underfoot, but not seen (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

That little Toad made my day.

Each of us possess more power than we can ever grapple with. Crickets, Brain Coral, Scuds, Crane Flies, Rhinos, Tulips, Polar Bears, Sperm Whales, Cobras–each and every creature on this planet is just as crucial–no matter the size.

Our power is contribution.


-Adam K.

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