My daughter loves to look for ‘Salamakers’.

Nothing could make me more proud as a father. In my youth, I could not find a better way to pass the time than to head into the woods and look around. And finding Red-Backed Salamanders under a decaying oak stump was tops.

Its no secret that children benefit from exploration and experimentation. It was not until I had a daughter that I realized just how true this is. And moreover, how incredible an experience it is to watch her learn about the world around her. We look for snails, worms, Sow Bugs, spiders–the list goes on.

The use of a magnifying glass adds to any romp through the woods. (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

She retains what she has learned–even days later, she can accurately identify and describe what she sees in the natural world. As a father, I feel it is imperative that children are truly engaged–and its the role of adults to foster this human need.

The first time my daughter experienced the tactile sensations of a Garter Snake. (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

Lets face it: engaging all our senses to learn something new about our planet is therapeutic. Its addicting. Lace up your boots and wonder around in the woods, meadow or lakefront. Anywhere the natural world reigns.

Satisfy your curiosity.

-Adam K.

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