Primavera–or Spring– always brings with it a romantic uncertainty. This is what makes the season so magical. Primavera is a time many rejoice and look forward to sun-soaked days. Spring is a time of renewal. A time of creation, awakening and optimism.

The season is a great time to walk around outside, and take in the moments that have been rehearsing for Primavera’s alluring opus.

I would like to share a few moments with you tonight.

Slide 1: Grackle (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)
Slide 2: Chickadee collecting nesting material (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)
Slide 3: Tufted Titmouse (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)
Slide 4: Mourning Doves (Copyright Terrascriber 2021)

Unfathomable beauty envelopes our existence.

-Adam K.

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