Project Monochrome

Back When

A couple of years back, I received a Panasonic FX-07 in an auction I won. The camera came with two others, including an Olympus SP-500 and a Kodak Z-1015. I had no intentions of using the camera–I was only interested in the other two cameras. I ended up giving it to my daughter to play with.

She had interest for about a day, then it found its way to the bottom of her toy bin in the closet. There it remained for some time.

That beautiful wide angle lens just doing nothing…

Not sure how I feel about wide-angle shots with a portrait orientation…perhaps when printed and framed…hmmm (Image Copyright The Wilderness Journal 2021)

Then, one day, I took it out, and realized I never gave the camera a fair chance. I have enjoyed my other Panasonic cameras. Logic would dictate this camera should be just as rewarding. On a side note, I also realized that no camera lens is safe from the fingerprints of a toddler. Needless to say, the first thing I did was clean off that glass!

The Start of the Project

It is rewarding. It is also a blast to use. Long story short, I take it with me everywhere. It fits in my smallest pockets. As a result of this, I have had an opportunity to get a good feeling for what the camera can do to further my photographic journey.

It turns out, quite a bit.

Aside from the high quality Leica lens, the camera supports the 16:9 format–the format widescreen TV are commonly set to. However, the compromise here is that the resolution drops from 7 megapixels to 5.5–hardly noticeable. The other option is to capture files at the 4:3 format and crop later in an editing program to 16:9.

Seems like a bunch of unneeded trouble…

Anyway, I have been enjoying capturing landscapes images with the FX-07. I begin with a color image (always a safe bet…just in case…), then convert it to monochrome…where the image is transformed into something timeless.

Rain clouds rolling in out in Acme, Michigan. (Copyright The Wilderness Journal 2021)

More to come from this project in the months to come (or as long as the camera continues to function). I sincerely hope for some time to come.

Ideally a full year would be splendid.

However, a camera from 2006 still operating is impressive enough.

Stay safe out there.

-Adam K.

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