Just Beyond…

I felt inconsequential among the towering pines. What little one man can contribute.

But what curiosity we seek. To know more with each step.

Let the dominoes fall. And the snow.

Each flake glistened with that effortless something that cannot be explained.

That glimmer is that something that lies just beyond our species’ comprehension.

Its not just that glimmer, that effortless something is all around us.

It is telling us there exists more to this life than what we can grasp.

Our daily toils cloud our collective spirit.

Move forward to continue on. That is what we do.

Sights, sounds, tastes–sensations offer the beginning of that something more.

Did our ancestors have this knowledge?

Does evolution infer progress?

There must be something more.

Ice cracking, Red Squirrels up above, and cold toes.

Our minds are responsible for the lives we live

In an infinite existence.

-Adam K.

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