Her Kingdom

The wind blew her throne, at once still, then surging. Surging in directions unknown. She held fast to what she believed to be her truth.

It is her truth. It can never be otherwise.

Winds are a strong force.

Her truth is entwined on the currents of evolution.

Her eyes examine her surroundings with aplomb.

She knows this land better than any human could ever fathom.

This her her kingdom.

We may come and go, but her truth transcends our mortal scope.

Grasses sway, the Earth continues its path. Totality is steadfast in its unmoving nature.

The presence of humanity is of no tangible consequence. This is conveyed without a breath…

The power she holds.

This is HER kindgom–

She reigns supreme in a land once free of her iron hold.

At once invincible and at risk.

In the stars above it has been fortold.

–Adam K.

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