The Black Eyed Susan

The Black Eyed Susan is a spectacularly beautiful flower. Add hundreds of these cone flowers to a landscape, and prepare for a vision that will forever be etched into your memory. In my life, I cannot count how many times I have truly been taken with a landscape laid out in front of me. What I can say though, is that these moments usually involve flowers and clouds.

Flowers add that certain ‘something’ to a landscape.

My mind boggles at the thought of our planet without flowers. We need hope and courage to blossom into the species we could be. We should emulate flowers.

Viewed as a whole, a field of flowers is rewarding in its own right. But when time is taken to observe each individual flower, the reward is greater still. Just take a look at the flowers below. Images don’t do them justice.

The rusty color on this particular flower was unique among its peers. (Image Copyright The Wilderness Journal 2020)
And then my wife spotted this one…how wonderful the natural world can be. (Image Copyright The Wilderness Journal 2020)
Yet others express a more subdued color palate. (Image Copyright The Wilderness Journal 2020)

Not many words for today–some days are best spent in contemplation and comfort (today–finally some cool weather and cloudy skies. I cannot wait for fall to arrive!)

Until next time, get outside and experience your own beautiful moment…wherever you may be.

-Adam K.

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