I found myself driving purposefully into a snowy wonderland. Just two days prior, rain had prevailed, melting the rollings hills that the road meandered through. March in Traverse City, Michigan is a very dynamic time of the year. Thus my excitement to head out to a favorite section of trail along the lands of Brown Bridge Quiet Area. The photographic opportunities could not be missed. Dynamic weather equals dynamic images.

Fluffy flakes blanketed the landscape: a beautiful prelude to a memorable hike. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)

On this particular adventure, I decided to bring along my recently acquired FujiFilm E-510. I had used it briefly after purchasing it from a local thrift shop for the low price of $4.00 (which included a 2GB XD card and case). This camera completes my E-series camera line collection. But after the initial test run, I stored it away. That is until recently. Why not take it out for a hike through one of my favorite places on this Earth? What could be better than capturing the beauty of Brown Bridge Quiet Area on a March day with a 28mm wide angle lens? So much can be said of my time out in the fresh, crisp air, but sometimes pictures are more effective.

The sign is a welcome sight for a weary soul (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
Melting snow can take such wondrous forms (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
White Pine bark is smooth for many years, but gradually cracks as the trees age (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
Views like this just never get old (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
The River’s edge sometimes reveals its past secrets (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
A Woodpecker had recently been here…the sap was still dripping from the open wound (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
Unlike last year at this time, the back roads were much easier to navigate. The skies temporarily cleared, and the sun poured in through the canopy. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)

Sometimes the soul just needs some time away from the developed, planned cityscape. And this past Sunday was such a day. It has been so long since I ventured out aimlessly with camera in hand. My mind finds such relief when plans are not made…when a flight of fancy is not for another time. Just then. In the present. How often do we as adults truly have such freedom to truly allow our minds to run free and wild? To day dream, wish and hope. I believe our minds must have this opportunity. Liberation.

Next time you find yourself with some spare time, head out and just wander and explore–just take it all in. Look up, down, left and right–and within. And remember: just get outside and breathe.

-Adam K.

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