Just Like Winters of Yore…

I have always wondered what it would be like to become older, to have made numerous trips around the sun. To gain wisdom, experience and live a full life. Incrementally, the wonders of my youth are becoming realized. For example, I have often wondered if I would be one of those individuals who would say “back in my day…”fill in the blank.”

Well, I no longer need to wonder, because I have been saying those words. The words that perhaps mark a right of passage for a young man entering into his later decades. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not by any means abiding by the puzzling social trend that silently asserts one must not ask another’s age. Besides, why should one be ashamed of their age? Age should be worn as a badge of honor, not of shame and embarrassment. In many ‘non-american’ cultures, it is a time-honored tradition to show respect for the elders of their social communities. These individuals are looked to for guidance and advice.

I am 36 years old. It is what it is. I cannot change this. Everything ages. Nature runs its course. We live, we die, birth and death…life runs in cycles. Flowers bloom, wither away and give way for other life to thrive. Everyone matters in the eyes of the natural world. Age is not relevant in the magnitude of that which the human mind can comprehend.

But I digress: the winter over the past week in Northern Michigan reminds me of winters growing up in English Woods. The days were often cold, (often frigid temperatures) and we shoveled volumes of blowing, drifting snow numerous times each week. “Back in my day, winters were cold.” I found myself saying this exact phrase to others, the winter of 2019. and you know what? They were!

This January, the weather (including severe storm warnings) has been much like the winters I recall so fondly. Since I am a sucker for winter storms, I could not resist heading out to enjoy some “back in my day” weather. I was not disappointed.

Frigid temperatures and breezy conditions created such surreal conditions at a local trail in Traverse City. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
My adventure buddy Orson risking a possible strike by a slumbering porcupine…he was a lucky dog this day. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
Orson enjoyed the snow, albeit for a short period of time. He is in his element this time of year. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
The trailhead is located right next to the Bus Garage. This day, the buses were parked, as the frigid weather resulted in a snow day for area schools. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
Moisture from my exhalation quickly resulted in miniature ice formations on my facial hair. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)
The Subaru’s thermometer read an outside temperature of 4 degrees, though with the windchill, the actual temperature dropped to around 10 below zero. (copyright The Wilderness Journal 2019)

Each trip around the sun brings each of that much closer to the “back in my day…” moments. And each trip around the sun should be honored, not shamed. Maybe one day I can say with pride, “back in my day, people became proud of their age.”

Perhaps age and sentiment are constructs of the human brain…

Until next time, get outside and breathe.


-Adam K.

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  1. Hi Adam! This was awesome. Love it! Back in the day and age….fitting topic since I am now 60! I now know and understand many back in the day topics. Like how I used to spend my time before social media/electronics. Working hard to get back to that. These photos are stunning. Nice job! Xo😍


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