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I believe my last blog post was published on the 19th of November. Time sure passes quickly! Since that day, I have been busy visiting preserves and natural areas to check off my list (recall the post: A Lofty Goal). In this post, I decided to take a different path (no pun intended). Instead of long-winded introspection, I will briefly describe my initial impressions of four preserve/natural area below…Sound good?

1. Pyatt Lake Nature Preserve

This preserve is located on Old Mission Peninsula (protected by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy), near Bowers Harbor. Actually, I have been to this preserve before, but did not travel the trails on offer in their entirety. This time, however, I visited after a wedding. All in all, the trail was quite beautiful. I can see why many locals consider this plot of land as precious.


  • Overall Impression:  A great, easily navigated trail that offers a beautiful view of the lake surrounded by towering trees.

2.  Miller Creek Natural Area

Quite possibly my favorite preserve to visit (in town that is…). I have been here countless times over the past few years. The trail offers some great landscapes to appreciate and traverse. While there are no ‘large’ waterfalls in the area, many ‘micro’ waterfalls exist…and are all unique in their own right.


  • Overall Impression: This preserve is dynamic in nature. Myriad types of ecosystems exist along the paths that wind up and down the hilly terrain. The addition of a boardwalk through a swampy section is particularly stunning and worth a visit alone. Be sure to wear sturdy boots.

3. Boardman River Restoration Project

An ongoing project by the Grand Traverse Conservation District and its partners, the restoration project is well underway. Recently, the dam off of Cass Road was removed, furthering the natural flow of the river. The view from the newly-constructed canoe/kayak boat launch is absolutely stunning. And this is just after the restoration! I cannot wait to see how this view changes in say 5-10 years: especially those White Pines…


  • Overall Impressions: The restoration is proving that nature will always find a way (and yes, humakind is part of nature). I love this section of the river and its breathtaking views. This kayak/canoe launch site will undoubtedly be extremely popular.

4. Yuba Creek Natural Area

Located just outside of Traverse City is another preserve to check off the list. I visited on the 2nd of December for the second time, and am eager to return upon the completion of the hunting season. This preserve is home to to the headwaters (a portion of them) of the Boardman River. I have not yet had time to venture far into the preserve, but hope to visit the entire trail system this coming spring. And speaking of spring, this preserve is popular with bird watchers, and for good reason. The ecosystem is the perfect setting for spring breeding activity.


  • Overall Impressions: A new favorite preserve! I especially love the White Pines that line the trail: short and stout. And finally, the wide open spaces and geography of the preserve will without a doubt produce some beautiful landscape photographs in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! Until next time, get outside and breathe.

-Adam K.

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