Boardman River Meadow Loop Trail

The late day sun offered a golden glow to the flowing sea of grasses lining the trail. The leaves of trees rustled gently, carrying with it the honey-sweet symphony of birds hidden in the underbrush. I had come out to this trail head in hopes of capturing some great shots of the songbirds that frequent this area. Instead, I wondered the trail with no specific destination.

While I walked, I was awestruck by the beauty of the evening. Everything was so serene…the type of experience that only comes around every now and again. To truly appreciate any trail, visiting is highly encouraged. However, sometimes photographs are enough, to get by until boots make contact with the sacred soil.





While out, take your time, truly see your surroundings. Close your eyes, allow your senses to become engaged in the moment. Feel the breeze slip between your fingers. Take deep breaths, and just be. And of course, bring along a camera (especially a bridge camera…).

-Adam K.

*The trail in this post is maintained by the Grand Traverse Conservation District. To learn more about the District, follow the link below:




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