Grass River Natural Area Field Guide

I recall speaking to a friend during an ecology course about the creation of this guide. I was bubbling with excitement just thinking about it. Having been a huge fan of the Grass River Natural Area since my youth, the publishing of this guide put a smile across my face. I simply love field guides.

Regionally Driven

This particular guide is unique in that it focuses on a fairly small area of Michigan. Which in my opinion, is especially helpful when navigating Northwest Michigan’s myriad natural areas, parks and preserves. The guide boasts 111 pages of full-color images to aid in identifying various Flora and Fauna.  The guide also provides the reader with a history of the Grass River region and its Geological History.

The Grass River Natural Area Field Guide is the perfect guide for any naturalist looking to add to their collection. (cover design by Brad Kik, photograph by Dmitry Azovsev)

In the Field

The guide is slightly larger than most, but still of a nice size to slip into a large jacket pocket or backpack.  The table of contents provides an easy to navigate format to assist in identifying a specimen (which also includes color coding). Each specimen’s picture is complimented by helpful information.

As it is a softcover book, take care in tucking it away when not in use.


This is a wonderful guide. Much consideration and thought has been put into its design and purpose. Highly recommended.

-Adam K.

Book ISBN: 978-0-692-75384-2

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